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Today, we opened our new classrooms and were delighted that Education cabinet Member Ray Gooding could come along and cut the ribbon.


It’s been lovely to hear so many positive comments from parents about the new classrooms and areas.

Phelan’s, the contractors responsible for the build celebrated the opening by buying everyone an ice cream.


The History of Abacus

Abacus Primary School opened it's doors in September 2002, with 78 pupils across the primary age range.  

New families and pupils joined daily to meet the needs of the evergrowing 'Wick' development.

The school opened with 7 classbases, a Food Technology room, an ICT suite and a hall.

The demand for more pupil spaces continued to grow and in September 2010, the school changed to 1½ Form Entry, which increased the capacity to 315 pupils across the school.

To facilitate this, the original building was extended to add additional upper school classrooms & teaching spaces, and a new purpose built Foundation class base, to begin to house our new intake to 45 pupils per year, across two classes. 

An Ampitheatre allowed for opportunities to develop expressive arts, and a new small hall was a welcome addition to help with the organisation of the lunch hours.


As subsequent years of pupil intake filled Abacus from the bottom up, pupils moved through the school into mixed age classes in Years 1 & 2,  Years 3 & 4 and then finally in Years 5 & 6.

Abacus Site approx 1999

As the Wick community continues to grow, Phase 2 of the Expansion of Abacus Primary School has now begun.

An additional 15 spaces will be offered for September 2016, by further increasing our Foundation Stage spaces to 60 (making us a 2 Form Entry school).

Three additional class bases will be built, allowing a maximum capacity for 420 pupils (filling from the bottom up), for the future.

Creative landscaping, and additional recreation spaces will also be added, including our very own All-Weather Pitch.