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We are going to try and offer some taster sessions when we launch our new menus.

There have been some dates added to the school calendar. 

Our next one to sample the new winter menu is on Thursday 20/10/16

On our INSET day on Friday 23/9/16 staff received First Aid training.

On Monday 26/9/16 the children in Years 1 and 2 went to The Tower of London.

On Tuesday 27/9/16 our Year 3/4 children took part in an Egyptian day...don't they look brilliant?

On 27/9/16 The Evening Echo newspaper published their First day at School supplement..look at all their smiley faces.

On Thursday after school, we held a taster session for the new school menu, which launches after half term. There were 10 dishes for families to try. These new dishes are on our new Winter menu, along with some of the old favourites.

On Wednesday 9/11/16, Pink class invited their parents to come for lunch and try the school dinners.

Roast gammon was on the menu. 

On Friday 11th November 25 children from Years 5 and 6 visited Bromford's School for a Science Day. The children became CSI investigators and needed to look at the six pieces of evidence to solve a crime which took place at Bromfords.

On Friday 18th November, Phelan (our contractor for the new build) came and held a whole school assembly to talk to us about Health and Safety on a building site.

Freya and Luca got dressed up in the assembly to talk about the importance of certain clothing. 

Christmas 2016

The Nativity

Foundation 2016

Years 1 and 2 Christmas production: Children of The World 2016

Years 5 and 6

Christmas Around the World


Christmas Jumper Day/Race For Life

19/12/16 and 20/12/16

Christmas lunch.

20/12/16 Years 3 and 4 Carol Concert at Miracle House, Wickford.


Trampolining sessions started this week and the children from Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red classes have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Chloe (Red Class) “I go trampolining there on a Wednesday, so it’s really good to be able to show my friends what I have learnt. All my class loved it!”
George (Yellow Class) “I jumped really high. It was such good fun!”
Scarlett (Pink Class) “I really liked the bouncing! The lady who helped us was really friendly.”.
Mason (Blue Class) “I got to jump really high. They taught us to touch our knees while we were in the air! Everyone had a good time. I’d like to go again.”
Jake (Black Class) "Trampolining was brilliant! My favourite part was using a skipping rope on the trampoline."

World Book Day 3/3/17

Mothers Day Lunch 21/3/17

Maths Competition 22/3/17

On Wednesday, our Year 6 mathematicians, Ashleigh, Charlotte, Isaac and Lenny took part in a maths competition with 9 other schools from Essex. 


They worked as a team and had to use their maths knowledge and skills to complete activities in 4 rounds. Areas covered were ordering and rounding salaries, geometry, algebra and problem solving with money and fractions.  The children all enjoyed working together and felt proud to represent their school.  They finished 8th, in a very close competition.  Well done! 

Some of our Year 6 children received leadership training as they will be delivering a skipping and multi skills festival to Year 2 children from Abacus and Oakfield at the end of the month. 

Easter Egg Hunt

31/3/17 our FAPS committee organised an Easter egg hunt for all the children. The older children helped the younger children find the plastic eggs around the field area, which they exchanged for a chocolate egg. They all had an 'eggcellent time'!

19/4/17 Years 5 & 6 Trip to the Lion King

White Class

Green Class

20/4/17 Stone Age Day Years 3/4

Black Class

The Chicks

Last week we said "Goodbye" to the chicks who were with us for 10 days. We had 7 of them hatch and the children were asked to nominate names that were then pulled out of a hat! The chosen names were: Midnight, Steve, Bob, Hello, Nipper, Cutie and Smokey

The children loved having them with us and were sad they had to leave.

"I liked having the chicks at Abacus, they were so cute!"- Louise D, Orange Class

"Midnight was naughty because he tried to jump out of the cage when he stayed with me!"- Elicia W, Blue Class

"The chicks were so cute and fluffy, it was sweet stroking one."- Charlotte K, White Class

Well Done  Year 6!

Year 1 Teddy Bear Fun Run at Oakfield 13/6/17

Sports Day

KS2 - 27/6/17

KS1 - 28/7/17

Year 5/6's performance of Joseph

Fun in the Sun 

The children have been enjoying our new grass areas