Our School Gallery 2019/2020

Friday 13th September 2019

Our new Foundation Children started Abacus Primary School.


Well done to our Pupil council who took part in a litter pick last Friday as part of Basildon Councils ‘we’re cleaning up’ campaign. They all showed enthusiasm during this event.


7 members of our Girl’s  football team went on a trip to the London Stadium at the Olympic Park to watch West Ham Ladies play Tottenham Ladies in the  Women’s Super League.  This was a momentous occasion as it was the first time the ladies had played at this iconic stadium.

14/10/19 Year 6 Residential trip

Year 4 visit Bromfords School

On Tuesday 15th October, the children in Year 4 visited Bromford’s school to take part in a Forensic Science day. The children had a great time and had the opportunity to test out  a number of things including using microscopes to look at hair samples, Chromology and using Bunsen burners to test different chemicals.

It was wonderful to receive an email from Mr Caulson, Headteacher saying how well behaved the children were...well done!

Year 3 visited Hadleigh Park

What a great day Year 3 had on Tuesday 5th November at Hadleigh Park. The children took part in five activities throughout the day including an archaeological dig, pottery and Warrior school. As you can see from their comments, they had a great day!

"We were archeologists and found a skull, chain mail, pottery and an arrow head from a spear."

" We saw an Iron Age roundhouse and saw how it was different to our homes."

"At warrior school, we learnt to use Stone Age slings and Iron Age Swords and shields"

“I enjoyed fighting with fake swords & shields.”

“At our school trip, we went in the round house. We were archeologists, made pottery, went to battle and used sling shots.”

“My favourite part of the trip was learning about the things they used and how they lived life with my friends……it was great!”

St Andrews Day

On Friday 29th November 2019 the children in St Andrews house came to school dressed in Blue to celebrate St Andrews Day.

Billy (Captain) and Liam (Vice Captain led two assemblies to tell the whole school about why we celebrate St Andrews Day and the different ways in which people celebrate. 

Christmas at Abacus

On 6/12/19

We were so lucky to have an Elf come and visit our school.  'Friendly Elf ' found time in her busy schedule to come and lead two assemblies. She told us all about Father Christmas and F.C. headquarters. 

With the help of some of our children we managed to magic back Rudolf's nose and make snow!

Thank you for helping us support this event, we raised £315

Foundation and Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Years 5 and 6

In our final whole school assembly for this term, the children performed the Poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ Each class performed a verse and the staff performed the final verse.

Thank you to Miss Maskell and Miss Mitchell for all their efforts with developing poetry across the school.

Well done to Harley and Bella who went along with Mrs Blakeley and Mrs Keeley to Chelmsford football club on Thursday afternoon to receive our KS1 Active Essex School Sport and Activity award.

This award recognises excellence in delivery of school sport and physical education at Key Stage 1.

Thank you to Miss Dooley for all her hard work in putting the evidence together for this award.

Bella H (Purple Class)—”It was fun to go down the slides in the Wonderlab and test which one was fastest.”

Year 5/6 Trip to the Science Museum 24/1/2020

Ernests (Silver Class)—”I liked the Wonderlab as there were lots of experiments we could do.”

Demi H (Gold Class)—”I liked everything as it was great to learn so many scientific facts.”

On Friday 24th January, Years 5 and 6 visited The Science Museum. The trip began with a visit to the Wonderlab where the children had the opportunity to take part in lots of interactive activities including going down the friction slide and building bridges where they learnt about how sound travels.

They then watched a 3D film ‘A Beautiful Planet’ showing footage of inside the International Space station and images of the Earth and our solar system. There was then time to explore the rest of the museum including the space gallery.

Anglian Water visit 3/2/2020

On Monday, Anglian Water came in to spend the day with Year 3, as part of their ‘The Wonderful World of Water’ topic. The children had the opportunity to learn about where water comes from, how to save water at home and what we should and should not put down the pipes.

“I liked when we all got to have a turn of stirring the sewage soup”- Bella B

“I learnt that used water is cleaned then put back into the rivers”- Aimee D

“I learnt that fats and oil put down the sink builds up in the pipes and it gets blocked” Harley B

Young Voices 5/2/2020

Year 4 Walk to Town 6/2/2020

Year 4 walked to Wickford high street on Thursday  as part of a geography lesson and part of their UK topic. They also linked this visit with Maths week by collecting data.

Thank you to the parents that came along to support the trip.


What a fantastic Maths Week we have had at Abacus. The focus this year was on "Maths All Around the World" and we have had a chance to explore different aspects of Maths while learning about different countries...and even space!


In Foundation and Year 5/6 explored Maths through Space, as that is what their topics are.  Foundation built rockets to help them explore space using 3D shapes.  Year 6 were scaling down the planets and their orbits to create models.  Year 3 had a go at doing maths in french and did a tres bien job!  Year 4 investigated food miles, charting how far an avocado travels to get to our plates.  Year 1 had a go at measuring and then used their knowledge to help them make delicious sandwiches.  Year 2 launched Times Table Rockstars and had a go at playing timestables games to improve their skills. 


The week finished off with a cake sale and dressing up to help raise money for the NSPCC.  The cake sale was a huge success and we thank everyone who brought in their delicious donations.  Costumes were judged and prizes were given to children who were extra creative in their creations.


Well done to everyone on a fantastic week and thank you for all your hard work. 

Tuesday 11th February 2020 was Safer Internet Day. The theme this year was #FreetobeMe. The children took part in a number of activities which included making  identity wheels, avatars, bunting poems and stories. Thank you to Miss Lee, our computing leader for helping to plan these activities.

Steven Parker came in to school on Safer Internet Day and delivered an E-safety talk to Year 6. Topics covered included keeping safe online, not talking to strangers and how you need to be careful about sharing your personal information online. 


This morning we held a poetry Slam in our whole school assembly. Classes performed poems about Internet safety. Well done to Gold class who came first, they performed their poem as a rap. Turquoise class came second and Green class came third. It was so wonderful to see all the children perform with confidence and enthusiasm.

The Winning Poem from Gold Class:


On Friday 28th February, the children in St David's House came to school dressed in Yellow to celebrate St David’s Day on Sunday. Well done to Alexi Swan, team captain who lead part of our whole school assembly today talking about Saint David and what we can learn from him.

5th March 2020

Thank you to all our Abacus Families for supporting us with our Vocabulary Parade to celebrate World Book Day 2020. The children and staff looked fantastic and we were amazed by the creativity of the costumes. We appreciate everyone’s efforts and the children had a great day learning new words and meanings, as well as sharing books with other year groups.


9th-13th March

April 2020

We asked the children on Facebook and Tapestry to create a 

to spread some positivity and happiness at this challenging time

Facebook Challenges

Our Foundation children joined in by sending photos of their favourite bedtime stories.

sports ambassador challenges

Our Sports Ambassadors set weekly challenges to keep everyone active during Lockdown


We miss you all so we put together a message for you...


We know how much you are missing seeing each other so we put together a little something for you...