Turquoise Class

Our Spring Term topic is called... PIRATES!
We have SO much to learn, including looking at human and physical features, climate zones, weather around the world and seasonal changes in geography; learning sea shanties (and performing one!) in music; thinking about jobs and ways to earn and save (or spend!) money in PSHE and thinking about materials and their purposes in science. Our teachers have promised us that we will LOVE this topic, so we are excited to learn all about the Golden Age of Piracy and famous pirates throughout history! 

In our Autumn Term topic, we learnt about London and compared the physical geography and what life was like in the 1600s and 1700s to modern times, the countries of the UK and the surrounding seas, as well as learning about some of the famous monarchs in British history, including Queen Elizabeth 1, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. We also learnt about the Great Fire of London and how this tragic event changed the way that people lived, worked and even built homes. 

This year's whole school curriculum project has been centered around the book, "What We'll Build." This has been much enjoyed by the children and has been a great tool to help them settle back into their school routine.
Abacus Primary School