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Hello and welcome to our class page. 

This term, we have been learning about the history of our country. In Autumn 1 we focused on London, and in Autumn 2 we learnt about the Royal Family.

In English, we have been learning to write biographies. A biography is the life story of someone else, so we know that they have to be written in third person (using words like he, she and they). Ask us about the features of biographies! Here are some examples of biographies that we wrote about a famous scientist. We looked at lots of different scientists and decided to focus on Carl Sagan. If you don't know who he is (we didn't!), read the biographies below and see if we can teach you something new! 

We've been learning about family trees in history as part of our study of the Royal Family. We learnt about Queen Elizabeth II and the members of the current Royal Family. We learnt that after Prince Charles, Prince William would be the next in line to be King. Here are some of our family trees!

This is our teachers' favourite artwork this year! We learnt about the Brazilian artist, Romero Britto, who is famous for his bright, colourful portraits. The backgrounds of his artwork are always a bright mixture of patterns, with dark lines and contrasting colours and shapes.

In PSHE we have been learning

about looking after ourselves. 

We discussed ways to keep our

bodies clean, not only so that we

smell and look nice, but also so

that we keep our hair, teeth, 

skin and insides clean and safe

from harmful bacteria and germs.

Did you know that in order to 

clean your hands properly, you

should be able to sing Happy

Birthday twice!? Give it a try!

Here are some photos of us practising balancing and traveling in PE:

Finally... don't forget to keep reading at home!


If you are stuck for a book to read,

check out this list of the Top 100

books to read in Year 2 --->

                                         Here we are with Clifford                                             the Big Red Dog telling us                                             all about the Book Fair! We                                           hope you managed to pop                                           over to this event and treat                                           your bookshelves to some                                             new additions!

Next term's topic is: What a Wonderful World!

 A Letter from Yellow Class Team