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Supporting SEND across the school

Introducing Our Good Practice Seekers

We are so excited that we have begun our journey with the Multi School Council and can't wait to see what exciting opportunities 2023 brings for us and our SEN Ambassadors

Whilst you wait for our next update, if you would like to find out more about The Multi School Council please visit their website:

Well done to Ella, Emilie, Oliver, Alex, Lenni and Tylon for all their efforts and  contributions when we attended our first multi schools council meeting at Thundersley Primary School. The meeting involved discussing a number of topics related to special educational needs in schools and included why physical activity is important for young people,  thoughts about how we can promote SEND within our own schools, how to raise more awareness and what we think about making a video together as a council.

Mrs Hunter and I were so proud of how confident our SEND Ambassadors came across and how they put their hand up to answer questions, pass on their views and opinions as well as meeting new people. The council meeting included 7 other schools from across South East Essex.

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