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Staff at Abacus

Senior Management Team

Heidi Blakeley.JPG
Mrs Blakeley
Head Teacher
Teaching and Learning
Health and Safety
Pupil Premium Lead
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Hunter
Deputy Head
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Emily Mitchell.JPG
Miss Mitchell
Senior Management Team
Year 5/6 Phase Leader
English Leader
Gold Class Teacher
Emily Borley.JPG
Mrs Borley
Senior Management Team
EYFS Leader
PSHE Leader
Blue Class Teacher
Sue Lee.JPG
Miss Lee
Senior Management Team
Yr 1/2 Phase Leader
Phonics Leader
Computing Leader
Orange Class Teacher

Claire Smith.JPG
Mrs Smith
Senior Management Team
EYFS Leader
PSHE Leader
Blue Class Teacher
Kerry Hodkin.JPG
Miss Hodkin
Senior Management Team
Yr 3/4 Phase Leader
Maths Leader
DT Leader
White Class Teacher
Jennie Bright.JPG
Mrs Bright
Senior Management Team
Humanities Leader
Turquoise Class Teacher


Sra-Jayne South.JPG
Mrs South
Outdoor Learning Leader
Pink Class Teacher
Miss Neilson
Red Class Teacher
Tina Lee.JPG
Mrs Lee
Science Leader
Turquoise Class Teacher
Sarah Ferguson.JPG
Mrs Ferguson
Curriculum leader
Green Class Teacher
Laura Mugford.JPG
Mrs Mugford
Yellow Class Teacher
Chloe Craske.JPG
Mrs Craske
MFL leader
Vocabulary leader
Lilac Class Teacher
Nicola Evans.JPG
Mrs Evans
Black Class Teacher
Lisa Keeley.JPG
Mrs Keeley
P.E. Leader
Purple Class Teacher
Staff 13.jpg
Mrs Playle
Art and Design Leader
Teal Class Teacher
Lynsey Matthews.JPG
Mrs Matthews
Music Leader
Silver Class Teacher
Mrs Head
Maths Leader
PPA Cover Teacher
Jo Waugh.JPG
Mrs Waugh
Curriculum Leader
PPA Cover Teacher
Bradley Katie.jpg
Miss Bradley
R.E. Leader
Teal Class Teacher
Staff9 (2).jpg
Mrs Ferrari
Teal Class Teacher
Lyndsey Robertson.JPG
Mrs Robertson
Tara Cox.JPG
Claire Tachauer.JPG
Mrs Tachauer
Green Class LSA

Class LSA's

Natalie Penfold.JPG
Mrs Penfold
Pink Class LSA
Lois Renshaw.JPG
Mrs Renshaw
Blue Class LSA
Staff4 (2).jpg
Mrs Mould
Orange Class LSA
Dawn Cooper.JPG
Mrs Cooper
Turquoise Class LSA
Bonny Waters.JPG
Miss Waters
Red Class LSA
Nicola Vella.JPG
Mrs Vella
Yellow Class LSA
Charlotte Hall.JPG
Mrs Hall
Lilac Class LSA
Vicky Meech.JPG
Mrs Meech
White Class LSA
Vicky Chitticks.JPG
Mrs Chitticks
Black Class LSA
Sam Howard.JPG
Mrs Howard
Purple Class LSA
Mrs Hassell
Teal Class LSA

Mrs Cox
Gold Class LSA
Lisa Dooley.JPG
Miss Dooley
Silver Class LSA

SEN support LSA's

Miss Dyer
Red Class
Miss McNulty
Orange Class
Mrs Spracklen
Red Class
Laura Cosuins.JPG
Mrs Cousins
Turquoise Class
Vicky Kemp-Baker.JPG
Mrs Kemp-Baker
Green Class
Faye Moody.JPG
Miss Moody
Lilac Class
Nicola Denford.JPG
Mrs Denford
Green Class
Goodey Christina.jpg
Mrs Goodey
Pink Class
Mrs Tungate
Black Class
Alison Johnson.JPG
Mrs Johnson
Pink Class
Kerri Suett.JPG
Mrs Cooksey
Black Class
Staff8 (2).jpg
Mrs Newland
White Class
Bonita Bagridge.JPG
Mrs Bagridge
Teal Class
Jo Sartoris.JPG
Mrs Sartoris
Purple Class
Mrs Jacobs
Silver Class
Alison Orchard.JPG
Mrs Orchard
Lilac Class
Image to follow
Miss Palmer
Turquoise Class
Mrs Fryer
Blue Class
Mrs Abbott
Green Class

Office Staff

Elaine Jones.JPG
Mrs Jones
Office/Finance Manager
Niki Haley.JPG
Mrs Haley
Kelly Grahame.JPG
Mrs Grahame
Image to follow
Mrs Neathercoat

Catering Staff

Sharon Kettlewell.JPG
Miss Kettlewell
Assistant Catering Manager
Janet Hallett.JPG
Mrs Hallett
Catering Assistant
Mrs Bryant
Catering Assistant


Staff6 (2).jpg
Mr Hallam
Site Manager
Abacus Primary School
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