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Here at Abacus Primary School, we are very proud of our curriculum. Click on the video below to view our curriculum showcase. 

We are very proud of our curriculum here at Abacus Primary School. Our teaching staff carefully plan engaging and interesting lessons to capture our pupils' attention and support them to be confident learners and active participants in their learning. We teach a broad and balanced curriculum through topics that spark imaginative thought with the aim of enabling children to access their learning in a variety of ways and to retain the knowledge they have been taught. 
Curriculum Drivers
Following a strange and unexpected few years, our team got together to think carefully about what we most wanted our children to achieve during their time with us. Our key curriculum goals are based around four areas that we believe will best support our pupils as they move into the next stage of their academic career and, indeed, life. 
We have worked hard to develop our curriculum drivers; these four drivers are what we believe to be the most pertinent issues to our school - the most important factors that influence our planning and curriculum development. These drivers will be the vehicles for delivering our curriculum, and will be woven throughout our curriculum. Our intention is for these drivers to be clear and impactful for all stakeholders; we want our children to be aware of these drivers and to be able to recognise when these are being used throughout the school day. We promote these drivers in our classrooms so that our children are aware of their impact and importance.  
Our curriculum drivers are therefore as follows: 



We work extremely hard to support our children's wellbeing - we offer an extensive range of nurturing opportunities and emotional support for our learners, both in the classroom environment and as interventions. Developing self-esteem, confidence and independence are so important, so we ensure that these are valued and celebrated throughout the school year. Our SENCO provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas and all staff are fully trained in safeguarding procedures. We also have a school wellbeing mentor who holds intervention groups and before school sessions to support our pupils' wellbeing during school and before the school day starts. 



We are passionate about increasing our children’s engagement in all curriculum areas, so we have designed our curriculum around topics that aim to excite and inspire our children. We strive to offer many exciting learning opportunities in each year group to capture their interest and spark their imaginations, through opportunities such as topic weeks, theme days, trips, ‘hooks’ and hands-on experiences. We use Kagan structures in all year groups to engage reluctant learners and to provide active learning opportunities for all. We also have class ‘curriculum journals’ that are used to record those “wow!” lessons and learning outside the classroom.



We believe that communication in all forms is a life skill that we want our children to learn and to be able to use confidently; after all, the very first step of everything we teach starts with the ability to communicate - to speak and to listen – effectively. We will promote this through emphasising subject specific vocabulary, encouraging the importance of verbalising ideas before putting them onto paper, active learning (e.g. active maths and Kagan structures) and making the most of opportunities for discussion and talk.



Our children, whilst eager to learn, have historically lacked confidence in making decisions for themselves without adult reassurance. We want our children to leave primary school with skills for life, such as problem solving and managing their own learning and individual needs. Our curriculum is designed around learning to learn skills, which provide children with opportunities to develop skills such as independence and resilience, and our subject leaders are developing our curriculum with this in mind.

Creative Curriculum 
We plan for a creative curriculum, which means that we weave the requirements of the National Curriculum into exciting, current and relevant topics, such as Super Heroes (Y1), Pirates (Y2), Stone Age to Iron Age (Y3) and Rainforests (Y4). 
We try to include exciting theme days to enthuse our children about their learning, and our school trips aim to build on what we have been learning in class. As well as being a creative curriculum, we really believe that teaching our children skills is the key to being successful beyond Primary School, so the teaching of the skills is just as exciting to us as the content. 
Please click the links below to take a look at our long term planning. This will show you the learning that will take place in  each year group throughout the year.  


Long Term Plan

Year 1

Long Term Plan

Year 2

 Long Term Plan

Year 3 

Long Term Plan

Year 4

Long Term Plan

Year 5
Long Term Plan

Year 6
Long Term Plan

Curriculum Ambassadors

At Abacus, we are very proud of our curriculum and we welcome regular feedback from our most important stakeholders… our pupils!

Each class has their very own Curriculum Ambassador, a child who has been recognised by their teachers as enthusiastic and passionate about our curriculum.

Look to the right to meet our Ambassadors for this academic year. 


The most recent ‘job’ carried out by our Ambassadors was to feedback on their topics, share their favourite lessons and talk about something that they have enjoyed learning about so far this year. The children also discussed their dream jobs and how what we learn at school today will help them to reach their goals in the future.

Curriculum Journals
Y6 greek pic.png
Each class maintains their own Curriculum Journal – we introduced these in the last two years to remember and promote all of the amazing work that we do that is not recorded in exercise books. We share so many wonderful experiences in school and we love celebrating the hands-on lessons and opportunities in in our journals. On the left and below are some examples of what you might find in our Curriculum Journals.
Y6 moons.png

Another new addition to our curriculum enhancement is the NOW PRESS PLAY immersive story experiences.

We received our kit ready for the Spring Term and the shocking pink headphones and exciting stories were an instant hit with our children (and staff!).

Teachers can select an appropriate story to begin our topics to ‘hook’ our children’s attention or to enhance our classroom learning. Here are some photos of Yellow Class having a whale of a time with a pirate themed story experience!
now press play.jpg

Enhancing our PE offer with a fun, heart-pumping activity that we know our children will love!

Coming Soon

We absolutely love a school trip and we are so glad that we can FINALLY get back on the road and expand our children's curriculum knowledge beyond the classroom. Here are some of the trips we have been on this year:

y3 barleylands_edited.jpg

Year 6 - PGL

Y6 resi_edited.jpg
y4 zoo_edited.jpg
y1 paradise_edited.jpg
y56 science_edited.jpg
y5 for website_edited.jpg
Whole School Projects

Following the strange and unexpected changes to school life as we knew it (as a result of the pandemic), we looked carefully at our curriculum and decided that we wanted to change the way that we welcome our children back to school.

Therefore, for the first week of the Autumn Term, we welcomed our children back to school with a whole school project, based on thought-provoking picture books with stunning illustrations by Oliver Jeffers. This is to support our children in re-settling in to our school environment after the holidays, being mindful of the social and emotional challenges of settling back into a new school year after the summer break.

September 2020

September 2021

yellow 5.jpg

Subject Pages
Click on the images below to view subject curriculums:


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Paint Brush

Art &

Design &

Origami Camel
France Map





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From September 2020 the National Curriculum is changing. All primary age children will be taught Health and Relationships Education and all Secondary age children will be taught Health, Relationships and Sex Education.

Understanding Relationships, Sex and Health Education
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Abacus Primary School