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Wellbeing Ambassadors

We completed our training in October 2022

To watch the video...follow the link 

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors have found this resource for you to try. Click the logo above to access fun curriculum-linked resources to inspire children to get moving for mental health and wellbeing.


Boost – videos to build confidence and self-esteem

Click the picture above to access the page.

PSHE KS1 / KS2: Recharge – videos to reinvigorate and build resilience

Click the picture above to access the page.

PSHE KS1 / KS2: Connect – videos to strengthen relationships in the classroom and beyond

Click the picture above to access the page.

PSHE KS1 / KS2: Imagine – videos to spark creativity and encourage positivity

Click the picture above to access the page.

We are really enjoying being Wellbeing Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors created signs for the staffroom to let the teachers know that we think they're great. 

We made sunshine's to spread a little happiness around the school 

Our classes loved receiving their messages in their registers. 

We meet for breakfast every Tuesday to talk through ideas, write letters, make things and see how things are going. 

How lovely to receive such lovely feedback on our work.

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors held a cake sale on Thursday 23/2/23 to raise money to buy a ‘HUG’ doll for our friends at Silvanna Court.

To find out more about 'Hug' dolls visit-

The Wellbeing Ambassadors were delighted to receive delivery of our two Hug dolls this week. We will be delivering these to Silvanna Court next week.

Our Wellbeing Ambassadors visited Silvanna Court on Monday afternoon to deliver the Hug dolls which were purchased with money raised from their cake sale. Marian, Alan, Jean, Una, Ivy and Wendy loved them and they all had giant smiles on their faces before we left.

Hug Dolls

What would you put in your toolkit?

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