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Abacus Young Leaders

Empowering a generation of young people to transform society

Our Young Leaders

We enjoy listening to Archie and his stories of how he became a Young Leader

Inspirational Leaders

We spoke about some of the leaders who have inspired us

We went for a walk in the local community to see what improvements we could make.

We are so excited that our school is going to have an elephant in the Haven's Hospice Herd in the City Train. 

We visited each class in school talking to them about 'The Herd in the City' trail and explaining how they could be part of this.

Each child was given a blank template to create their design.

The winning design will be made into the our elephant design.

We were amazed by the creativity and the number of designs we received. With the help of some staff members, the final three were chosen and announced i our whole school assembly and on our weekly newsletter.

Orla, our winner was very happy. 

Should you always say Thank you?

We discussed that 'Thank you' can be used for a variety of reasons but that saying thank you is not only good manners but is can also be used to show appreciation.

We shared the book 'No Money Day' by Kate Milner. We spoke about how people are struggling at the moment because of how expensive things have got and the cost of living crisis. We decided as a group that we would use this book to help us launch an idea for our local School community and we decided that we are going to set up a food bank in our entrance hall 

Mrs Blakeley has managed to find a grant for us to help set this up. 

And here it is......

yl food bank.jpg

We took part in Dementia Friend training. 

We made pledges about how we will use our training to help others.

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